Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

Not sure about the process.

Maybe I shouldn't have thrown them quite
so hard in the basket. Lots of cracks and ants
in there.

Egg frenzy.
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Aunt Val and Easter Girl

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Easter Egg Hunting

Trying to find eggs before your brother grabs
them is hard work.

Pretty girl. Love the florescent tights and
tennis shoes with the smocked dress.

Dylan grabbing another of many . . . .
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Asheville Cousins

Hanging out with the Asheville contingency.

How many cousins does it take to squish a couch?
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More Mountain House Pics

Hugging my big brother.

Super hero big brother.

Looking just the same as the day that she
was born.
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Our Beautiful Lark in the Park

Joyful discovery of miniature pinecones.

Such a beautiful girl.
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And the trail goes on . . . .

Snacks are always important.

Dylan and the parents were struggling over a
haircut at this point. Preview of Dylan, college
student circa 2025.

Swinging along, the open road.
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Hiking Children

Lark tries walking sticks at the Moccasin
State Park Trail.

Of course, if one kid is doing one thing, the
other has to do it, too.

The saga continues . . . .
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