Sunday, August 24, 2008

Impromptu Rock Photo Shoot

So I stopped for a rest and my Momma
decided to have a photo shoot.

Here I am smiling up at my Daddy.

Here is what Momma thinks was the best

Here I am in a classic end-laugh pose.
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Calf Mountain in Charlottesville

As you all probably know, my parents and I
now live in Charlottesville. Here I am on
a Sunday trip to Calf Mountain. I like hiking.

Swinging along, the open road . . . .

Under a sky that's clear . . . .

My obsession with an apple from the Farmer's
Market keeping me from really looking at the
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Fun with Goggles

As you know, Momma swims a lot. Here I
am trying out her goggles.

I thought it quite fun.

Pucker up, buttercup.
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The Last Supper

Here are two pictures from our last night in SF, when we
ate at this fantastic tapas place in the Financial District
called Bocadillo's. A good time was had by all.

Here is the other side of the table. Momma wants me to
add that I am drinking apple juice, not white wine.
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Breakfast, Bus, Bridge & Sea Lions!!

Here I am eating breakfast at a 50's style
diner with Grandma. I loved watching the
short-order chef cook piles of eggs and

Trying out public transportation on the bus.

In front of the Golden Gate Bridge with
Grandma. Very cold and windy.

Another "best of" in the trip. Sea lions at Fisherman's
Wharf. Loved it. See them lollygagging in the background?
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More SF

Good shot of Aunt Val and Uncle Jeff.

Walking on the Sausalito Pier with Grandma.

Resting on the curb.

The boys' response to being with the Tillman
girls for many consecutive days.
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More Ferry Pics

Here is everyone, minus Momma, on the trip. Daddy,
Grandma, Jeff, Valerie, Becca, and Matt.

Here are Aunt Becca and Uncle Matt.

Here is Momma's favorite picture
from the whole trip. We are having
a wind-blown moment.

With Momma.
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Stairs and Boats

Here I am, "big boy," walking down the stairs near the
crookedest street.

Hard work. Have to look down a lot.

Here I am with Aunt Val and Almost-Uncle
Jeff in a ferry across the Bay.

Here is Aunt Becca and Grandma.
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Hills and the Crookedest Street

Here's the thing about Momma: when you
vacation with her, you can expect a lot of
walking. In San Francisco, that means hills.

At some point, Daddy said to Momma,
"I forgot what it's like to go on vacation
with you." Wonder what that means?
Then Daddy drank some more coffee.

The reward for all that walking, though, are
views like this one, at the top of the
crookedest street.

We had fun. Daddy made a full recovery.
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Sourdough Turtles

One of my favorite sights was the Boudin
sourdough bakery, where you could watch
the bakers make sourdough turtles and crabs
through the window. It smelled delicious, too.

I got a whole sourdough turtle all to myself.
It was fantastic.

Here I am checking out its belly, right before
it goes into mine . . . .
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Trolley Car

Here's how I got around most of SF: holding
my Grandma's hand. I'm a big boy, as you
all have been told by me on many occasions.

When you get tired, however, there is always
the trolley car. I really liked it in concept,
but was a little scared during the actual

Here we are getting off.

As you can see, we rode the Powell & Hyde
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