Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dylan and Daddy at Angel Falls

Far away.

Closer up. This hike took a lot of "energy."
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Great Daddy Pics

Daddy and Lark -- a contemplative retrospective.

Daddy-children totem pole.

Daddy and Lark at Panther Falls.
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Black Rock Mountain with Grammy

Again, hard to coordinate everyone for a good
shot, but here we are with our Grammy.

I am looking down the mountain, and she is
looking at me!
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Nice Family Pics Taken by Grammy

The best one of the whole series, although Lark was not
being cooperative . . . .

Momma and her blue-eyed girl.
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More Adorable Action Sequence

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Black Rock Park Playground

We tried out the Black Rock Mountain playground
this past week.

Having fun with Daddy.

And with Grammy.

My mom's absolute favorite picture of me in
a very long time.
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Movie Star Unveiled.

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Lark the Movie Star

No narrative needed.
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Daddy and Dylan on the Bridge

On the suspension bridge at Tallulah Falls.
Still practicing "Thumbs Up."

Look at this tough guy expression. Super powers!

Another shot.
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Snack Attack with Daddy.

When I walk, I (Dylan) need lots of "energy."

This "energy" usually comes in the form of
vanilla wafers, Cheezits, and peanuts.

Daddy gets his fair share.
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Tallulah Falls Adventure

Here Daddy and Dylan chill on the stairs
at Tallulah Falls. Note Dylan's Beastie Boys

Dylan just learned about "Thumbs Up."

Can we keep walking now?
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Lark's Novel Mode of Traveling

So here's how Lark travels in colder weather.

She loves going down steps.

For all you Georgia fans out there, "Go Dawgs," but the real
story is that she had outgrown her winter hat and this was the
only thing available at the Walmart in Clayton, Georgia.
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Various Lark Moments

At her "command station," according to Daddy.

Crazed hair on the bed.

Happy to see Daddy with crazed hair on the bed.

Sitting with Daddy, unsure about this photo shoot.
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Last of the Snow Pics

Still working on my snow truck.

Cute shot my mom liked.
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