Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas In The Mountains

Click below to watch a slideshow from our Christmas at the mountain house.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Here are some photos from my recent day with Granny.

At the playground.

And with my new toy.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some of Mom's Fav Pics Dad Left Out

One of Mom's outstretched hand-held shots.

Here I am checking out a beached boat . . . .
I hear that my mom and grandma can give
me a few sailing pointers.

Me and Grandma both wearing our "concentration" faces
as we practice our sand skills.

Mom's favorite picture of me and Daddy.
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On the Beach with Linda T.

Here I am beach strolling with Grandma.

I was not sure about this sand stuff, even
though I am told that I have seen it before . . . .

She pointed out a lot of things to me . . . .

Pelicans, boats, seagulls . . . .
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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Here's me at sunset on Rosemary Beach.

I enjoyed the sand even more than I did last year!

Posted by PicasaMe and Grammy had a great time playing on the beach.

Sunset at Beach

Hard to take bad pictures at "magic hour"
on the beach.

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More Beach

There's the Old Man.

This is my Elton John look.

Me and Granny watched the sun set.
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Dylan Rides A Bike

Here I am strapped into the back seat
of a bike. I LOVED riding it.

This was my special thinking place.

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Having Fun

This is the new patented Dylan spaghetti eating technique. Basically, you try to shove as many noodles into your mouth as possible.

I'm loving the new Hines Ward Steelers jersey my Uncle Ryan gave me.

Here's me, Mama and Uncle Ryan.
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At The Beach

Here's me and the Fam in Florida over Thanksgiving.

Me and Mama.
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