Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Here I am on Daddy's birthday. First, I helped him open his cards...

...then, I helped make the frosting for the cupcakes...

...then I helped him blow out his candles...

...and then the best part, eating the cupcakes!
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Go Steelers

...I got a cool Steelers jersey for Christmas!

So now, me and Daddy match! Go Steelers!
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Uncle (Soon To Be) Jeff

Over Christmas, Uncle Jeff read me some stories. The best part about Uncle Jeff, besides being a super nice guy, is that he has a beard!
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Having Fun

I love playing. Here's some great trains I got from my friend Ann.

Daddy and me love to make train tracks.

Here I am with some homemade playdough that Mommy made.

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