Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dylan and the Snow Truck

Playing in the snow is hard work.

Thankfully I have rainbow gloves from Grandma.

Made me almost forget the cold.

Mission accomplished.
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Dylan, Lark and Bolt (stuffed dog) pajama party.

Dylan in rarely seen Atlanta snow with
Wahoowa snowman.

More shots of the unusual Atlanta snowman.

Notice the healthy treats used for his eyes (blueberries),
nose (requisite carrot) and mouth (bitten strawberry).
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dylan Versus Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Lark on a Blanket Sequence

One hand in mouth.

Both hands in mouth.


Really? Another photo?
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Dylan and the Stuffed Animal Train

So it has been unusually cold for unusually
long here, and desperate parents call for
desperate measures . . . .

Et voila . . . the stuffed animal train. Good for
thirty minutes of fun.
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Lark Works It in Her Desert Hat

My mom thought these pictures were too funny.

Here I am in my desert hat for a Sedona hike.
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Lark and Sisters Bycott in Sedona

So Lark got to hit one state -- Arizona -- before
her big brother. Here she is with Momma and
Aunt Becca in Sedona, AZ.

Chilling with Aunt Becca back at the hotel.

Me with my two beautiful aunts.
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