Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting in to Trouble

Here I am swinging like a monkey.

And generally being mischievous. Don't I
look like I'm up to no good?
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Riding the train to Frostberg, MD

I very much enjoyed my train ride. Reminded me of one
of my favorites, Thomas the Train.

Here Grandma and I are in front of the
vintage engine that took us over mountains
and in front of the waving farmer.

Looking at the engine from another

I had . . . err . . . a little too much apple juice
in my excitement, and needed to let my
pants dry out for a while. Momma forgot
to pack extras. Here I am strolling in my
diaper alone.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


These are my new jammies. They're cool.
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Trip to MD to see Aunt Becca

This past weekend, I went to Cumberland, MD to visit with
my Aunt Becca. Here she is helping me to blow bubbles.

We thought Daddy would like this picture of a Steelers
blow-up football. I was a little scared of the blow-up
football player right next to it.

Here we are at a warm water springs in Berkeley
Springs, W.Va.

Riding on the train from Cumberland to
Frostberg was fantastic.
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Group Shot

Here's the whole group in Cumberland.

Aunt Val took this one.

Aunt Becca and Uncle Matt.

Me and Aunt Val checking out a bridge. I
got to throw rocks off of it.
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More of Ash Lawn

Standing on overlook with Grandma.

Checking out the resident peacock.
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Hanging with the Ash Lawn Goats.

During Grandma's visit, we went to Ash Lawn, James
Madison's house. I liked the goats, peacocks, and chickens
a lot. Here I am checking out the goats.

They were pretty stinky.

And got up very close.

Hard to believe that anyone would think
using their wool for clothes was a good idea.
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Hiking with Grandma in C-ville

Here I am with Grandma having lunch in the Ivy Natural
Area. She came to visit me on the train. "Lucky boy," as
Grandma would say.

These apples from the Farmer's Market are
very good.

Here we are at Cedar Cliffs on the AT. I like
drinking out of the blue water bottle like a
big boy.

Enjoying the view.
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