Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Superman Dylan and a Serious (Not Delaney!) Contender For Kindergarten Girlfriend

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Lark's Birthday At Home -- Bird Purse Cake!

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Lark's Birthday At School.

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Grandma and Dylan (Dylan doing glamour shot).

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Rosemary Beach

McCormack children, we learned, prefer pools to oceans . . . .

Dramatic Beach Pics

Hot kids, cool cloud formations.

Dry Falls -- Hardly Dry

Dylan, Lark, and lots of rocks and water.

Dylan the Leopard, Dylan the HIker

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Tennessee Rock Gap Trail

Lark helpfully decides to nap, mid-trail.  Dylan and Daddy
make fun of her tactic.

Dylan and Momma Goofing Around

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Lark and the Water Bottle -- A Progression

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Much of the Fam Together On a Hike

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Cupcake Fools in the Pool

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The Girls

Delaney gets weirded out by sparkler candle; Lark decides to eat a Smurf.

The Little Girl who Ate a Smurf

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Dylan's Birthday -- Long Overdue

Another stellar cake from Grandma.

Gotham City Meets Spiderman's Lair.

A pleased boy.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

Not sure about the process.

Maybe I shouldn't have thrown them quite
so hard in the basket. Lots of cracks and ants
in there.

Egg frenzy.
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