Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best Modeling Shots of the Bunch

So proud of standing up and walking.

The best shot of the bunch. Ta-DAH, she says
(not really).
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Marilyn Monroe Pose

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Lark in Beautiful Handmade Dress

So Grandma made Lark a smocked dress
just like the kind that Lark's Momma wore.

When Lark's Momma saw it, she cried.

It was so pretty, just like the one she remembered.
And had her own Momma let the hem out of again,
and again, and again . . . .
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Our sweet Lark and her Daddy

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Dylan and the Playground

Dylan in various playground poses . . . .

The anti-gravity pose.

The I-now-get-the-gravity-thing pose.
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