Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dylan and Lark -- The Band Is Back Together

Some sweet pictures of Dylan and Lark together.

What would Lark be without that crazy hair.
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Great Granny

A beautiful picture of Lark with her great
grandmother, Sarah Tillman.
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Pickin' Up a Pe-Can Put It In Your Pocket

We found a big pecan tree at the Indian mound,
so naturally we needed to gather up pecans,
put them in a straight row on a bench, and count

Grandma provided excellent help for this project.

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Playing with Cars Works Anywhere

Here I am playing with cars on top of the
Indian mound. Portable fun for everyone.

Good thing Mom can fit about 5 in her pockets.
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Indian Mound With Grandma

Here we are at Natchez's Indian mound.

Still walking . . . .

A nice picture of Grandma.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lark and Barbara

Lark gets to meet Barbara.

Strong, capable woman meets future strong
capable woman.
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Lark and Olivia

Self-explanatory. :)
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Mountain Waterfall

During the hike, we saw three waterfalls, all made bigger
by something called the 100 Year Flood. Here I am checking
out the falls with Daddy.

A rare pair of smiles for the camera.
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Dad and Grammy On Hike

We went on a hike in the mountains where Momma carried
Lark and Daddy carried me most of the way (great fun for
Daddy). Here he and Grammy pose on a bridge.
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Lark and Grammy Rock Out

Grammy and Lark getting some snuggle time
in the big Lazy Boy rocking chair.

In this pic, Lark's mohawk / Kewpie Doll look
is in full display.
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Hanging with Grammy at Mountain House

So recently I got to play with my Grammy
at the mountain house. Here we are together.

We had a great time hanging out.
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Spyglasses and Scupper the Sailor Dog

So lately I have been obsessed with "Scupper the Sailor Dog"
and his spyglass that he hangs on a nail inside his ship. When
Mom told me this playground thing was a spyglass, I got
very excited about the whole thing.

Not sure that I mastered looking through it, but hey . . . .
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Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Focused Search for Candy, if Not Focused Pictures

These are not the best pictures, but you
get the point. Here I am heading out with
my daddy.

The back of my costume is just a hoot,
according to my Momma. Don't know what
that means.

In my neighborhood, you have to scale
many stairs to be candy-worthy.

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Cookie Monster Hits Halloween

My mother adored the way the back of my
costume looked.

A family of monsters.
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The Princess Who Was a Pea

In the words of my great grandmother:
"What kind of place is this?" -- (i.e., why am I
dressed as a pea, and why is this pumpkin
attacking me?!).
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A Brother and Sister Comparison

To the left: sleepy girl.
To the right: crazed boy.
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Lark and Dylan Get Clean

Dylan: an alien creature has been invading my bath

Lark: who is the weird big kid with the blue bubble bath
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